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How To Build Lifestyle & Financial Freedom
Investing in Vacation Homes

The Proven Process You Can Use To Acquire, Manage, & Market Vacation Homes
Without Creating A Second Job, Dealing With Guests, or Trying To Time Markets
All While Enjoying Your Properties Personally Too

  • Are you looking for not just financial freedom (passive income exceeds expenses), but lifestyle freedom (money is not the reason you do anything, and you never say no because of money)?
  • Have you searched for years for a predictable, proven system you can use quickly and repeatedly for creating passive income, without quitting your job to flip houses or pursue any of the other traditional real estate opportunities?
  • Have you ever stayed in an Airbnb and thought “we just paid this guy’s mortgage in 4 nights… honey, we should get one of these”?

If you answered yes, then read below to learn how members have been able to acquire their first property in less than 1 month with certainty & clarity by following a proven process

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From: Shawn Moore
Founder & CEO of Vodyssey

Let’s get straight to the point - if you found your way to this page, you are probably like me in that you are looking for both financial freedom AND lifestyle freedom — and you’ve probably said no to a lot of opportunities that only offered one or the other.

You’re probably not interested in complex, involved, depressing schemes that involve you quitting your job to go flip houses, saving and scrimping pennies for years and slowly building up a group of long-term tenants in hopes of fun vacations 15 years from now, or trusting your nice broker friend who keeps his eye on the stock market indexes for you.

You’ve worked hard for your money, and you’re not anxious to outsource it to some schmuck or put all your current earning on hold just to go figure out how to get rich investing.

In fact, maybe you’ve reached the point where you look up and say “I work really hard - shouldn’t I be able to enjoy this now and still win financially?”

I am interested in investing strategies I can fundamentally understand, be very good at, and actually enjoy. I like playing games I can win and win big at. If that is you, then I can tell you it will be very worth your time to read through the information on this page and see for yourself.

I think Lifestyle Assets represent the best wealth & lifestyle freedom opportunity in decades. And in this letter, I'll show you exactly how you could go from just casually being interested to investing in your first property and seeing returns in as little as a month from now...

From Zero to $5800/month
in Passive Income In Just 90 Days


Read how Jeff & Jessica applied the Vodyssey process to close on their first vacation home in just 22 days & dramatically improve their net worth and cash flow

Jeff & Jessica’s Lifestyle Asset Story >

The Big Fat Problem With Most Real Estate Investing Opportunities

Most people know that the vast majority of millionaires in America have real estate investing as a large part of their wealth-building strategy. There are a lot of great paths in real estate - each with their pros and cons.

The problem with most paths in real estate is either the time and effort it takes to make money, or the economies of scale that make it hard for the average person to get a chance at the best deals.

Thankfully, when it comes to Lifestyle Assets, the opposite is true.

Done right, they take minimal effort, time increases your returns, and one person armed with our process will find better deals than any institutional investor could…

I have not seen a more exciting, more family-oriented, or more profitable path in real estate than Lifestyle Assets in over 20 years - and I've done it all...

My first deal ever as a young twenty-something was a wholesale deal, I've flipped over 50 homes, I've sold luxury properties, resort properties, single family, and multi-family—nothing comes close to the lifestyle & financial benefits of Lifestyle Assets.

So what exactly is a Lifestyle Asset anyway, and what sort of process allows our members to go from knowing nothing about vacation rentals to acquiring a profitable one in less than a month?

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Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 2.59.32 PM
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Introducing Lifestyle Assets:

The Best New Part-Time Passive Income Investment Opportunity

If You're Like Most of Us, You're Not Looking For Another Job,
A Side Hustle, or A Headache. Your Investment Must Fit Into Your Lifestyle

Warren Buffet said it:

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”

Tony Robbins went further:

“You’re already a financial trader. You might not think of it just this way, but if you work for a living, you’re trading your time for money. Frankly, it’s just about the worst trade you can make. Why? You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time.”

The problem with most ways of building wealth is they are just more complicated ways to trade time for money. If you really want to get ahead—if you want true lifestyle and financial freedom, not just one or the other—then you need to look very specifically for types of assets that actually can deliver both. Most investment opportunities (even in real estate) cannot.

So What the Hell is a Lifestyle Asset Anyway?

To be a Lifestyle Asset, your vacation home investment must have 3 characteristics:


This means it is mostly hands-off.

We recommend using a professional full-service management company, though there are other options such as hybrid management.

In order to really be a Lifestyle Asset, it must not become a second job.

Most weeks I don't even think about my properties, let alone spend time on them.


Not only is the rental income paying your mortgage and maintenance costs, but it's throwing off profits annually.

If you're not making profit on it, it's not a Lifestyle Asset - it's an expensive hobby with some benefits.

To be fair, vacation homes for many people have always been unprofitable - they were just a good place to park some money and were purchased mainly for a place to vacation to.

But to be a true Lifestyle Asset and an investment that can grow both your lifestyle and financial freedom, it must be profitable—and it will be if you follow the process.

Personal Use

Each owner is different; some use it only when it's not being rented, and others are willing to forego some revenue in order to have certain dates they want.

Regardless, Lifestyle Assets are not a strict investment only - they offer the benefit of being able to vacation there for free because your rental income is paying the bills.

Like I said above, the traditional idea of buying a second home was purely for this personal use aspect.

When you combine a proper investment with the lifestyle and personal use aspect, and you don’t have to manage it yourself, you have a Lifestyle Asset—and you can do this over and over again.


If you invest in a vacation home that does not meet the above criteria, it may come close to paying for itself, or rental income may help offset some of the costs—but it cannot become a true lifestyle asset that can propel your net worth, income, and lifestyle forward in both the short and long term.

If you can’t repeat it 5 times in 5 different markets, it’s not a lifestyle asset.

This is why it's so crucial to use a proven system for acquiring, managing, and marketing - because while there are great deals in nearly every vacation market, you must understand the whole picture and know how to create the fairytale experience guests will love, come back to, and pay top rates for.

Buying An Underperformer
& Taking It Straight To The Top
In Just 2 Months!

Joe & Amy got a great deal on an underperforming vacation home & used the fundamentals from our process to turn it into a top performer in just a couple months


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Success In The Vacation Rental Game Is All About Building Effective Acquisition, Management, & Marketing Machines

Lifestyle Asset Nirvana

In a world where everyone wants a shiny blue pill, shocker - this business is like any other... It's not easy, it's not overnight, and it's not all sunshine and roses.

Gone are the days of just finding a property in a decent location and throwing it up on Airbnb to rent out while you're gone.

So are the days when it made sense to try and find current vacation rental owners and manage their properties for them in an "arbitrage" model.

(Truth be told this never made sense unless you wanted another side hustle - I don't - I want assets that appreciate, cash flow, and that I can visit)

If you want to be successful in this business, you MUST master all 3 aspects -

- If you don't know how to run the numbers (all of them) and properly analyze a market and a deal, you will lose.

- If you don't get your management piece of the puzzle nailed, you will lose out on 30-40% of your potential revenue and repeat guests

- If you don't know how to create an ideal experience, if you don't know what your guests are looking for and where they're coming from, and if you don't have a simple, proven way to bring in more guest revenue at will, you will miss out.

My training program that teaches Vodyssey members how to succeed in each of these 3 key phases of vacation home ownership is what has allowed members to be so successful so quickly…

7 Key Benefits of Lifestyle Assets

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 1.46.08 PM

Secret #1 Property Analysis

Understanding Profit Potential

Long gone are the days when you could simply buy a property, throw some pictures up on Airbnb, and bring in some decent cash to help pay for your vacation home.

As vacation homes have become a much preferred option for guests, demand for a more professional host has skyrocketed.

In many areas, there are dramatic differences in profitability and appreciation even just 2 blocks away from each other.

What holds most people back from a successful acquisition is they attempt to do it relatively blind, and when push comes to shove, they don’t have the confidence to make an aggressive offer knowing full well that the numbers work.

Fortunately, as the markets have begun to mature, there is now a lot of data you can use to make acquisition decisions, and when you can pull this data together from multiple sources, it’s possible to find great buys and know exactly how great they are before you even visit the area.

Many of our clients found us when they were looking for a scientific process or method they could follow to ensure they were making a great acquisition.

We teach this process in depth in our group, but there are 3 crucial numbers you must know at a bare minimum:

3 Crucial Numbers You Must Know to Acquire

When it comes to Short Term Rentals, amongst other variables, we want to know:

Cap Rate

  • This is the rate of return on the property (this calculation does not take into account the financing on the property)
  • Cap Rate is a decent way to assess the returns and risk on a potential property (higher cap rates are typically higher risk)
  • Investors who get fixated on this number alone can struggle
  • Can be a great way to figure out how much you might want to offer based on the income it produces
  • Simply put, the Cap Rate is the Net Operating Income (annual) divided by the Purchase Price - so a $450k property making $36k annually has an 8% Cap Rate.

Cash-on-Cash Return

  • Measures the pre-tax received cash flow compared to the amount of cash spent to acquire the asset.
  • A great metric to consider your leverage - it will calculate your returns based not on the purchase price of the property, but instead on the amount of capital you actually have invested in the deal, including the annual debt service or financing cost.
  • Right now with interest rates, in most markets you’ll get a much higher Cash-on-Cash Return with utilizing financing then cash.
  • Cash-on-Cash Return is calculated by taking the NOI - Debt Service P&I Payment divided by Total Cash Invested. So again for a $450k property with a $36k NOI, your cash-on-cash return if you paid cash for the whole property is 8%. If instead you put 20% down at 4% - so with $36k NOI, $17k Annual Debt Service and a $90k down payment, you have an 11.8% Cash-on-Cash Return. In this case, based on the cost of debt, you can get your money back out of the property faster with financing.
  • Does not factor in the loan paydown, appreciation, inflation, or taxes - these are important when determining your return on investment.

Net Operating Income

  • To get our Net Operating Income, we’ll find our Gross Potential Revenue x Average Nightly Rate for the type and details of our property in our market to get Gross Operating Income, then take that number minus Expenses to find our NOI
  • You’ll get these numbers from several different sources including market data from aggregation sites like, local info from your local realtor partner expert, historic data from your property manager, as well as data from our group of other owners, etc. As these data sources converge, you end up seeing things that no other investor is looking at and can spot opportunities others miss. Many of our members have done this in markets where everyone there told them not to touch a property, and within less than a year they turned their acquisition into a top property far surpassing all their neighbors’ returns.
  • Say our above property example ($450k purchase price, $90k down) is in a market with a 61% avg occupancy rate and an Average Nightly Rate of $279. We take $279 x 365 days in a year to get our Annual Gross Potential Revenue of $101,835, then times that by our AVG Occupancy Rate of .61 to get $62,119.35. Using our data sources we add up all of our fixed and monthly expenses including our property management percentage, repairs or upgrades, supplies, and more, (let’s say it’s roughly $26k) to get our NOI of $36k we’ve been using above.

But Here’s Where People Get Stuck

As straightforward as the numbers above may be, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to Short Term Rentals.

Variables you must account for include nightly rate fluctuations, seasonality, occupancy rates, peak seasons, low seasons, shoulder seasons, and more.

It's not as easy as running simple numbers—or even getting those numbers in the first place.

When you begin to understand what it takes to prepare to invest in a certain market, it can be intimidating to choose where you want to put this effort...

We can find good deals in almost every market -
so how do you narrow it down to find the right location for you?

This is where having a lot of experience or being able to tie into a proven process for helping YOU get clear on what YOU want most is so crucial, and it’s what allows our members to go from knowing nothing about vacation rentals (or thinking about it for years but never pulling the trigger) to making an acquisition within just months or weeks of joining us.

To have the confidence to make a great acquisition, you need to be clear on your:

Buyer Type

What are the most important factors in a Lifestyle Asset investment for you?

Are you an Investment Buyer, primarily interested in the returns, who may not even visit the property?

Are you a Lifestyle Buyer, primarily interested in the location and using the property yourself with family and friends, looking for the kind of returns that’ll let you do it for free or better?

Many people think they’re an investment buyer type until they really start looking at markets.

Having a clear idea of what you’re looking for and in what order your priorities lie makes a huge difference.

Property Type

Among a half-dozen or-so options, what specific property type are you looking for in your specific area and target neighborhood?

With STRs, different property types can have different regulations, requirements, and even financing options.

Getting clear on the right property type for you with your dream team can help you zero in on the real opportunities that are ideal for you and allow you to get exactly what you want while other investors get caught up in the wrong numbers.

Target Guest Type

Many people neglect this crucial decision point, and others have an easier time with it due to being in the target market themselves.

Regardless of how you’re approaching the market, having a realistic target guest type and tailoring your entire property experience to that type is the difference between a lackluster rental and jumping quickly to the top 20% and being able to increase your rates over time.

Market & Neighborhood Blueprint

When you’re clear on everything above and you’ve narrowed down your market, you become a very serious investor with a lot of clarity who can watch that market carefully and jump on the right opportunities quickly.

Even more so, when you get that clear, you can often make opportunities where none were listed but the variables were there.

This often comes down to knowing the exact neighborhood you want to get into, and finding unconventional ways to use that clarity to build relationships.

 Did You Know?

Vodyssey members get access to me personally reviewing their property numbers and helping them decide whether or not to pull the trigger.

I’ve reviewed numbers on over 500 properties just this year alone, and I can tell you, the opportunity has never been better;

but those who succeed are the ones with the confidence to aggressively go for it when they know the numbers work—not those who wait around.

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Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 2.55.00 PM
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Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 1.52.28 PM
Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 4.20.09 PM
Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 2.55.56 PM
Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 1.52.06 PM
Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 3.02.57 PM
Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 3.02.00 PM
Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 3.01.38 PM
Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 1.50.44 PM

Ready to Start Building Lifestyle & Financial Freedom With Vacation Homes?

Each of These Members and Many More Found The Help They Needed Using Our Proven Process and Now Have the Returns, Lifestyle Benefits, Smiles & Memories To Show For It - There Is Nothing Stopping You From Doing It Too!

Financing Success Secrets

The 3 Types of Vacation Home Financing
& How & When to Use Each

Many people simply do not know all of the potential financing options available to them, especially as a first-time Lifestyle Asset Buyer.

Depending on how many properties you have and a host of other factors, you will utilize different options throughout your journey of building a portfolio, including:


In most markets in most states, often your best option is going to be utilizing traditional financing which will often be a second home loan option.

These options will typically get you the best interest rates, you’ll need to put 10-20% down, and they will be looking at you financially, not the property and it’s revenue, meaning you’ll need to fully qualify with full documentation.

Likewise, each lender and state may have different requirements for how much personal use will be involved, and if you plan not to use the property at all, this may not be an option you can use.

Some options under the conventional property also include a HELOC or cash-out refi where you can pull equity out of your primary residence to put money down on your second home (first Lifestyle Asset).

Asset-Based Lenders

Portfolio or Niche lenders are tailored specifically to the STR market, and they lend money on a property based on the property income, not yours.

This particular feature makes them ideal for helping you scale your portfolio once you’ve maxed out your conventional options.

Terms and rates vary wildly depending on the property type, the state, the lender, and more, so it’s important to do your homework and build relationships.

These can be particularly important for self-employed individuals, have tax and liability benefits, and can be ideal for building your portfolio beyond the second property.

Private Financing

Private lenders come in all shapes and sizes, and can be incredible options if you cultivate them.

These are private individuals, small firms, hedge funds, hard-money lenders, and more.

Because these funding sources are not banks, they have very different rules and less of them.

These funding sources depend on relationships, and these relationships must be fostered long before you ask for a loan.

These can be a very powerful ally in growing your portfolio and can often help you accelerate much faster and at great terms.

Equity partnerships can be a great option as well, allowing you to use equity instead of debt financing to get into the game.

As you can see, financing is a huge part of the game, and learning how to leverage the best financing options for your particular situation is a skill the wealthy use over and over again.

Secret #2 Management

Delivering the Fairytale

Management is such a key piece of the puzzle in building your lifestyle and financial freedom—do it right and you’ll be able to scale, enjoy your properties, and build wealth without even thinking about your properties weekly.

Do it wrong and you can end up with a second job, have unhappy guests, and be unable to grow.

This is why we recommend full-service management, an option where a professional management takes full responsibility for all guest communication, cleaning, and property management for you and your job is primarily to find and maintain a great relationship with your management partner.

There are other options, including hybrid management where you take some of the responsibilities (perhaps setting up cleaning and communicating with guests), and self-management where you keep all of the fees and manage all guest communications yourself, but in order to grow, we highly recommend full-service management.

What’s most important to understand about management is not who is doing it, but what is being done.

As the property owner, it is your job to create a fairytale ideal experience for your target guests, and ensure that experience gets fulfilled.

Great property managers will be happy to work with you on this, but it is up to you to create the possibility.

This includes everything from creating a property theme, stocking your rental with the most demanded must-have items & levels of service, adding in special extras & guest management secrets that go a long way for guests, and recognizing the fundamental nature & distinct mindset of short-term rental management compared to traditional long-term rentals.

If you can understand your responsibility as a luxury memory-making experience broker, not an owner of a place someone will sleep, you can succeed.

From Getting Low-Ball Requests to
A 100% 5 Star Review Rate

Read how Keegan & Rebecca’s charming historic vacation home went from getting few if any booking requests (and lowball ones at that) to higher occupancy & a 100% 5 Star Review Rate by Delivering the Fairytale

Secret #3 Marketing

The 3 phases of pricing & marketing strategy to get to the top 20% of your market at lightning speed

Marketing is a mindset you should have all throughout your strategy.

It is not something to consider at the end—it is a part of every conversation.

When you acquire a property in the right area with the right target guest in mind, and you set up an experience that guest will look for and love, and when you then know how to communicate that experience via pictures & words and get those pictures & words in front of your audience, you will win.

If you do this right, you can beat everyone else on the same platforms (VRBO, Airbnb, HomeAway, etc), and you can go outside those platforms to create your own sandbox to play in and profit from.

When you do this wrong, you will notice other properties booking up and getting good reviews while yours sits vacant.

Fortunately, there is a proven process you can use to take a property from underperforming or not being known and turn it into a high performer quickly.

As you begin to follow a process for growing the business of your property, it’s important to recognize what pricing stage you’re in.

Every property everywhere is in one of these three pricing stages, and it’s only by using the wrong strategies for your stage that you can fail.

Stage One - Reviews

Stage One is exactly as it sounds—whether your property has been live for years or minutes, your first job is to get stellar guest reviews, fast.

You want to aim to get at least 15, and you want to pay very careful attention to the feedback you get, potentially even considering sending out a survey to get more detail.

This is absolutely step one and frankly, if you can’t get a lot of stellar reviews almost all of the time, you do not yet deserve to have a high performing rental, and your job is to back to the drawing board and improve your customer experience and levels of service until these reviews are the norm.

Stage Two - Occupancy

Once you’ve proven the concept of your particular guest experience, it’s time to focus your attention on improving your occupancy.

Our goal is to get the property so booked up that we have folks unhappy that they couldn’t book it right away but had to plan ahead more than 2 weeks.

This is crucial to understand because high profitability comes from having the experience everyone wants and then being able to command a higher price, because if your property is booked out for a year that is not good news—it means you are priced too low!

Once you can get your occupancy where it should be, you can then focus on profitability, which is a function of keeping your rates high enough that you can have lower occupancy and higher profit, and your best and highest-paying guests can secure the property without planning ahead for months.

Stage Three - Maximize

When you have pages of 5 star reviews and no trouble keeping your property occupied above the average, you’re in a position to maximize your profit and maximize your guest experience.

Most properties never get here because they don’t have a proven process for doing so—they don’t know what it takes.

Once you do get here it’s ideal because there’s less wear and tear on your property, you attract your best guests, and you have the most time off when you can use the property yourself.

As you proceed through these pricing stages, there are many things you’ll want to do to accelerate.

One of the most effective things you can do is utilize proven paid marketing strategies to build two of your most important assets: direct bookings and a customer list.

We do this by offering a proven strategy & software & tools to our members that lets them build a custom website funnel, utilize text and email marketing, and build a long-term customer database they can market to over time.

This allows us to spend a dollar on paid advertising, get more than $5 back in direct booking revenue, all while growing our list of potential & previous guests—something we can use to sell with the property in the future should we ever choose to exit the asset.

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 2.13.23 PM

“For Every $1 I Spend on Paid Ads,
I Get $7 Back!”

The powerful process we teach for using paid advertising helped Dave & Kelly to consistently book their property at nearly double the rates AND occupancy compared to very similar rentals in the same neighborhood!

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 2.15.47 PM

Here Are Just Some Of The Success Stories We've Helped Facilitate THIS YEAR

Each Of These Members Were Just Like You Less Than A Year Ago - They Found Us On Facebook, Learned About Lifestyle Assets, And Dove Right In - Is it Your Turn?

Dave & Kelly Traded In Their Dud of a Cabin For a Desert Paradise & Higher Returns, & Still Vacation There 5+ Times a Year

Ginga & Owen Leveraged A 1031 Exchange To Upgrade Their Returns & Set Themselves Up Better For Retirement With STRs

Jessie & His Wife Fast-Tracked Through The Process To Make Their Lake House Dreams Come True By Trusting The Data

Keegan & Rebecca Used The Proven Process To Transform Their Historic Home Into A Top Performer & Get 5 Star Reviews

Kim & Dennis Jumped Right In With The Process, Acquired, Renovated & Got Bookings on The Day They Went Live!

Kyle & Lydia Moved Fast & Got 17 Bookings For The Summer In Just Their First Month Going Live!

Eli Went From Not Even Knowing How To Find One To Acquiring His First Lifestyle Asset In Just A Couple Months!

Ryan & His Wife Decided to Take Control Of Their Retirement, Pulled Together A Great Team, And Got A Great First Property

Peter Replaced A Long-Term Rental With "Something A Little More Fun" & Skipped 5-10 Years Of Trial & Error



Brian & Michelle


Jason & Gina

Steve & Lenae



Beata & Greg

Mike Pine,

Joe & Amy


Ready to Start Building Lifestyle & Financial Freedom With Vacation Homes?

Each of These Members and Many More Found The Help They Needed Using Our Proven Process and Now Have the Returns, Lifestyle Benefits, Smiles & Memories To Show For It - There Is Nothing Stopping You From Doing It Too!

There is No Reason You Cannot Be Our Next Success Story - These Stories Are Proof!

Each of These Members and Many More Found The Help They Needed Using Our Proven Process and Now Have the Returns, Lifestyle Benefits, Smiles & Memories To Show For It - There Is Nothing Stopping You From Doing It Too!

The Best Part Is, It Really
Doesn’t Take A Lot Of Time To Do This

Almost all of our members have either a full-time job or own a business—

More than half of our members acquire a property in less than 6 months, and our record is currently just 12 days after joining!

Unfortunately, it's not easy, and not every part of it is fun.

Chances are your first offers won't get accepted.

Often you'll have to scrap your first idea and look into another market or property type.

Our members have had septic tanks fail, lenders fail to deliver as promised, a cabin burn to the ground in the California wildfires, and more—

But you can absolutely do this quickly when you have the confidence & clarity of a proven process.

What This Is

  • A proven, growing asset class with both long-term appreciation, yearly cash flow, tax advantages & personal use benefits

What It Takes

  • A proven process to acquire, manage, & market profitable vacation homes
  • Commitment, not interest. Your first offer won’t be accepted, your first property analysis numbers won’t pan out, your first booking might not be overnight. Those who succeed are committed to the process & prevail.
  • A Dream Team - not only does it help to be surrounded by others who have done this and are actively doing this, but you’ll need help from a trusted realtor, finance, & management partner, and our process shows you how to build these relationships so they have you on speed dial
  • Upfront capital. This is not a no-money-down strategy. You’ll need at least 10% and often it’ll make sense to put 20% down. If you do not have resources to invest, you will not be able to acquire.

What This Is Not

  • A get-rich-quick opportunity, a no-money-down investing strategy, rental arbitrage, or a full-time side hustle to replace your job

What You Don’t Need

  • A real estate license, expensive software, years of real estate experience, or a finance background.

  • Guesswork, hunches, and hard negotiating. When you follow our proven process, you’ll know the numbers before you make an offer & you can be confident in how to craft a win-win for everybody.

  • To be the go-to person for your guests (most won’t even have your information!), to try and figure out financing on your own, or to try and do this alone.

  • A good ole’ boy’s network. Most real estate opportunities require you to build a network over years in order to even get a seat at the table. With Lifestyle Assets, all you need is the right partners & a process to know how to find a great buy, & when you join us, you get a network of others who are doing this at a high level and are eager to help you!

Because The Process Is Part-Time & Then Passive, You Can Scale Your Portfolio

Lifestyle Assets have a really fun trajectory—find an area you want to invest in, conduct research on the market, look at properties, acquire a property, set up a property, price & market a property into the top 20%, then onto the next!

A few years in and you’ve got options: keep watching your asset mature as the rents pay off the mortgage, use several routes for getting the cash out and into another property, or upgrade your portfolio to higher-end luxury properties.

Each person’s portfolio looks different—and each is an expression of who you are:

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 10.01.26 AM

Water & Memories

Jeff & Jessica love creating places where families can make memories & spend their days on the water - whether the beach or the lake!

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 9.50.06 AM
Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 9.50.10 AM

Multi-Family Vintage

Kimberly loves diamond-in-the-rough vintage multi-family properties she can turn into majestic throwbacks people love to stay in

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 9.50.14 AM
Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 9.56.13 AM

Big Groups, Big Amenities

Jeff & Jamie love creating great spaces for big families, corporate retreats, and bringing together everything you need

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 10.13.08 AM
Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 10.03.12 AM

Your Portfolio

What sort of properties and experiences will you create?

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But Just How Much Occupancy Does It Take To Succeed With Vacation Rentals?

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The Sky's the Limit:
From Zero to 50k+/month Profit
In Just One Year

Not everyone is in a position to invest in multiple properties quickly—but for those who are, STRs represent a unique opportunity.

Jeff & Jamie sold a successful RV dealership and where ready for the next thing to pour themselves into.

Always having been a part of creating great recreational experiences for people, investing in STRs and building a portfolio offering unique group property experiences was just what they were looking for.

They’ve now acquired 7 properties and are fortunate to be doing more than $50k/month in profit!

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The #1 Thing That Keeps Would-Be Successful Lifestyle Asset Owners
From Getting Started

If you’re looking at purchasing an investment property, you are already in a very fortunate position.

At Vodyssey, we believe being a person who is already considered successful comes with a responsibility.

If you are in a position to do very well, we believe that to invest in a property and not do the very best you can with it is a tragic mistake.

We owe it to our guests to create the best guest experience we possibly can—to give them great value for the price. We owe it to our families to create memories they will look back on forever.

We owe it to society to do good and give back.

When it comes to doing well and doing right, if you can, we believe we should.

The #1 thing that prevents most people who are already successful from investing in vacation homes and dramatically increasing their net worth, lifestyle, and financial freedom is this:

They are too comfortable.

Good is often the enemy of great, and many people take a look at the idea of investing in vacation homes and believe it is a good idea to do “sometime soon”.

We’re fortunate to lead a group, a community, a movement of people who believe that there is never a convenient time to get to the next level–so they make time, now.

A year from now chances are you’ll think the same thoughts, take the same actions, and have the same results except for the people and ideas you surround yourself with and commit to taking action on.

If you are serious about getting to the next level, we’re happy to help you.

If you are not, frankly we cannot help you and will not waste our time or yours trying to convince you.

Results speak for themselves.

When It Comes to Lifestyle & Financial Freedom, Do You Have a Plan,
or just an Idea?

If you want to achieve what most people don’t achieve (lifestyle AND financial freedom), you will need a PLAN, not an IDEA.

I don’t ask people if they are interested in lifestyle & financial freedom — everyone is interested. I want to know if someone is committed, and being committed is a function of having a plan you know will work.

So if it’s not vacation rentals, fine—but do you have a plan to reach the goals you think about on a daily basis? Do you see a clear-cut path you KNOW will work to get you there?

In my experience, most people are interested, not committed. And I think this is likely because most people have an idea, not a plan.

A plan includes:

- Exactly What You Want
- Exactly How You Will Get It
- Exactly What Process You’ll Follow
- Exactly What The Very Next Step Is (that you will take TODAY)

Is your plan that clear?

If it is not, I suggest you do whatever it takes to get it that clear so you can win. Nobody’s getting any younger.

One of the most rewarding things I do is help people create a plan that really will work to help them build their dream life—the right plan creates instant momentum.

If you’d like someone to help you take a look at your plan, and see if it really will get you where you want to go, book a call and let’s look at it together!

Ready to Start Building Lifestyle & Financial Freedom With Vacation Homes?

Each of These Members and Many More Found The Help They Needed Using Our Proven Process and Now Have the Returns, Lifestyle Benefits, Smiles & Memories To Show For It - There Is Nothing Stopping You From Doing It Too!

The Metric of the Wealthy
is Return on TIME

We talk a lot about financial returns—but the metric of the truly wealthy is return on time.

People who make good returns on time are the ones who eventually make good returns on money.

If you never get good returns on time, you’ll never get good returns on money.

Good returns on time are all about making good decisions. Good decisions are all about good information—something you pay for, either in money or in expensive failures (aka "experience").

If you’re not yet where you want to be with your income, your lifestyle, your retirement, & how much you work, perhaps it’s not a matter of money so much as it is a matter of time—a matter of decisions.

Most people waste A LOT of their time investigating different opportunities on the internet, looking at properties on Zillow, but they don’t ever go deep enough & get around real experience.

Years later they have hours, days, months, or even years of their life invested in “investigating” something, they're an armchair expert, but they have nothing to show for it.

On the other hand, if you invest your time well, it is truly amazing how far you can get and how fast you can get there if you have the courage to get out of your comfort zone, consider something new, and really dive deep enough to see if an opportunity is right for you.

As someone who’s wasted a lot of time, and also seen a lot of success, I want to strongly suggest that you take this opportunity all the way to the end—get enough information to decide if it’s right for you or not and then either run with it or put it away.

Don’t let it sit in limbo—invest your time to take it to it’s end, whatever that is for you, and then move forward. No one’s getting any younger, and the wealthy follow good opportunities all the way to their end.

Daniel did this, and here’s what he has to say:

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The Cost of Confusion

Another huge factor that will steal your dreams from you is confusion.

Chances are, if you’ve gotten this far, you are beginning to see the opportunity of Lifestyle Assets, and you’re probably excited about the possibilities.

Likely, you’re also skeptical, or maybe there is one or two lingering details that you just need to put the pieces together about in your mind.

Confusion is what holds people back from greatness—it’s not courage or opportunity.

Clarity creates momentum, and no one can create clarity for you.

But if you commit to getting clear on what you want and how to get it, you can use other people and you can jump on opportunities that will help you.

This opportunity to book a call with my team is one of those opportunities.

If you are confused, I suggest you take what action you need to in order to get clear.

We would be happy to help you see if this particular opportunity is right for you or not—but we can’t help you if you don’t reach out to clear up any confusion you have and get your questions answered.

At the end of the day, the result of confusion is inaction, and the cost of inaction is the exact amount of results you could have had if you’d taken clear action.

Those are the bills no one sees, but they pay every day.

Nobody’s going to send you a bill in the mail for the monthly returns you could have been making if you’d followed this opportunity to it’s end and taken action.

Truthfully, the confused will never know exactly how much they’re missing out on—only those who take action will find just what kind of results they’re capable of.

Ready to Start Building Lifestyle & Financial Freedom With Vacation Homes?

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the Housing Market?

Unlike in the traditional housing market, success in this business is not reliant on the going market price of properties.

I know this sounds ludicrous, so I’ll explain.

When you acquire a vacation home, you are actually acquiring (or creating) two assets, not one.

The first asset is the actual property—it’s value will likely appreciate over time regardless of rental income, and will likely be accelerated by it.

To realize that value, you would need to sell the property.

The second asset is the business you create offering a guest experience inside your property.

The housing market depends on demand from people who want to buy a property.

The short term vacation rental market depends on guest demand for visiting the area & enjoying your amenities.

Speculating on the rising or falling property price is speculation, not a business, and is not a part of our strategy.

We do not recommend buying and holding a vacation home in hopes that the price will go up and you can sell at the top or buy at the bottom.

If you are interested in timing or gaming markets, it would be a lot easier to do so with assets that are far more easily transferable, such as stocks, bonds, crypto or anything else.

Success in this business is accomplished in the short term by guest rents and in the long-term in an appreciating property & book of business—not speculation.

Thus, we buy properties in “up” markets, and in “down” markets, because we’re buying based on long-term appreciation (which effectively always goes up) and current & future rental demand, not asset prices. In this game, the sooner you have the house, the sooner your guest income can pay it off. If you had a lucky year where prices went down, great! But you missed a year of rental income waiting for it. If the numbers don't make sense, don't buy. But when they do—we don't wait to make money. 😉

For more information on how we win in both up and down markets, watch the video at the top of this page & listen to the “three friends” story.

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What about COVID?

Honestly, this is a pretty awkward one to explain.

We fully expected COVID to cause a major disruption in rental income, and we were braced for the impact.

An investor who has used our process correctly would be able to weather the storm even for a year or two of losses if needed, and we were frankly excited to have those case studies in the long run.

In fact, what we have seen is the opposite.

COVID proved us all wrong in our estimations and members are in fact seeing a huge surge - far better occupancy, rates, and returns than we or they expected, and far exceeding normal numbers from the past.

Ironically, we are now having to instruct members to use previous demand and rate numbers when making calculations (use 2018-2019 numbers) in order to estimate what predictable or “regular” demand will be, because COVID has artificially skyrocketed the demand for vacation home experiences & places to work remote, and relying on such high numbers is not advised based on the temporary increase in demand.

How much cash do I need?

As discussed earlier, for most first-time buyers, traditional financing is going to be an attractive option.

This means you’ll need at least 10% down, and sometimes putting up to 20% down or more will have major advantages.

What this amounts to will depend on the area, market, and property type you choose.

This is not a no-money down investing strategy. It takes upfront capital to make an acquisition.

If you’re in a position where you can put up capital, there are few other places you can get better returns & appreciation. And no where else where you can have as much fun. 😉

What kind of returns can I expect?

Results can never be promised, and many of the results on this page are not typical—neither are the members who have achieved them.

You should always do your own due diligence when pursuing any investment opportunity. The words on this page should not be construed as tax, legal, or financial advice. Always consult professionals before making investments.

With all of that out of the way—

Short term rentals are known to outperform long-term rentals and most other real estate investment opportunities due to the nature of the rental demand market, average nightly rates, and competition.

While most deals will project a 5-15% return, many do much better and some do worse.

Your returns depend on many factors, including the market, the area, your unique property details, management, rental demand, and more.

The best way to ensure excellent results is to follow a proven system for scientific acquisition (know your numbers) and go the extra mile in delivering a stellar guest experience.

I am a very busy person.
How much time do I really need to devote to this to win?

This is a very important question, because the whole idea of Lifestyle Assets is they are an investment, not a business to replace your day job.

While several members have actually quit their jobs and moved on to pursue this STR business full-time, it is primarily a passive or part-time investment opportunity. Capital is typically the limiting factor, and many don't have enough to go jump on 5 properties a year.

Most members spend 50-100 hours in research, building their team, understanding their market, looking at properties, running numbers, setting up and going live with their properties.

You can spend far more and many members have spent less.

It is very realistic to acquire 1-2 properties a year as a busy business owner or high net worth individual, while pursuing this several hours a week.

Most time investment is upfront as you find, acquire, set up, and market your rental.

The goal is ultimately a portfolio of hands-off investments managed professionally that you need not spend time on weekly - they just perform.

I don’t have much real estate experience…
Can I really expect to succeed?

At least half of our members join us with no previous real estate experience except owning a primary residence.

The Vodyssey system is built to take you step-by-step to success in building your own Lifestyle Asset portfolio.

The program has built-in support to make sure you have every tool, resource, opportunity, & the support you need to succeed.

This is why we have so many success stories from people with no real estate experience.

Couldn’t I figure this out on my own?

Yes! Absolutely, you could figure all of this out on your own.

There is nothing I teach that I created out of thin air—if you scour the internet, follow around successful investors, make hundreds of successful (and unsuccessful) real estate transactions, and spend years in the trenches, no doubt you will eventually be able to learn all this on your own.

It took me about 20 years. 😉

Or, you could talk to people who are at the forefront of success in this emerging industry, use what is proven to work, sidestep years of spinning your wheels and thousands of dollars in mistakes and lost revenue, and reach your goals faster than you thought possible.

More than 500 people have now chosen this route, and our success rate is second to none.

You’re welcome to do whatever you’d like—we each get to choose our destiny—but if you want to collapse time & have results to show for your effort a year from now instead of confusion and “I could have, I should have’s”, then we’d love to help you.

Money loves speed, and there is not a faster, more effective way to succeed with vacation rentals than to follow our proven process with diligence.

Remember when we talked earlier about trading time for money, and it being about the worst trade you could make?

One of the reasons I pay so much for good information in my life, and one of the reasons I built Vodyssey to help others, is because information is one of the only resources in this world I know of that can give you time.

If someone else has done it and can help you do it faster & better, I'll trade my money for that time any day.

It is the people who understand this who work with us.

Ready to Start Building Lifestyle & Financial Freedom With Vacation Homes?

Each of These Members and Many More Found The Help They Needed Using Our Proven Process and Now Have the Returns, Lifestyle Benefits, Smiles & Memories To Show For It - There Is Nothing Stopping You From Doing It Too!

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